Inside of Horse





Chinese surnames. Research on the surname has formed a discipline. It is closely related to the census, linguistics, history, and archaeology, etc. Therefore, it is of great importance for the modern and scientific personnel management. As an interdisciplinary subject, Chinese surnames not only represent hundreds of Chinese ancient family names, but also embodies the tradition of root-seeking in China. This is believed to be a symbol of praying for the protection of ancestors, maintaining the traces of history, and closely connecting Chinese people. In the meantime, everyone is linked to his ancestors. The suffering and glory of the ancestors will be bound to spread from generation to generation through the close connection.







Simply, I summarized and output China’s anthropology, sociology and linguistics with an image system. Show diversity of oriental art philosophy and social formation.

Artistic works, as far as I am concerned, is a combination of material, spirit and architecture, Quite often I deliberately create an illusion to confuse the audience, letting them carefully scan the sculpture and discover the potential of space. The space I created includes the empty and dark, and it is more like a non-space, which not only requires human’s minds to response, but also makes people become aware of various dimensions of space. 

In this artistic work, it is not so difficult to find out the traced of the change of western art movement from my observation. It is surprising that, however, the thing under the steel, specular and flashing LED is the Oriental philosophy and Ethnography。



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